1. well infrastructure lecture theaters for each batch with 150 seating capacity.
  2. All LT are provided with modern projector system to give good audio-visual classes and Notes to the students
  3. LT are also versed with speaker system so that voice of lecture classes are being audible to the students
  4. LTare designed with latest architectural skills so that every one can have easy understanding of classes going in.
  5. Proper electricity, advanced class boards ,and cleaned LT are maintained in vims
  6. All facilities of modern teaching are present. LT are equipped with air conditioner.
  7. sound absorbers are present in class for quite and peaceful environment.
  8. presently VIMS having 4 LT, in which one one LT having a large capacity of more than 250 students at a time(under construction).


  1. Spacious labs enough for an entire batch.
  2. well equipped with lab instruments like centrifuging unit, colorimeter,distillation and titrating unit (heater/oven),
  3. spirometer,perimeter,elight microscope.
  4. Continuous water and electricity supply in the labs.


  1. Well ventilated ,duct system and cadavers provided for the batch .
  2. Separate storage tank for cadavers .
  3. Embalming room available .
  4. A separate room for keeping bones and visceral organs