Recreational facilities(outdoor and indoor)
*Recreational activities holds an important and vital place for students extra curricular activities.
*Besides having a common indoor room in each hostel, vims offers a seprate indoor games hall.Games likes chess, table tennis,carom and badminton are being played here.
*There are 6 table tennis courts, two badminton courts in vims premises
*Plentiful of chess and carom games are also played subsided.
*Recreational halls are also being updated with modern sports equipments to insure the needs of students.It too have a collection of Large no. of T.T, badminton rackets, chess board, carom coins and shuttle cocks.
*VIMS also having an upper hand in outdoor games, A volleyball court had been made and are actively participated by the students.
*Besides volleyball students do play cricket, football.
*keeping in mind the spirit of game and to keep the good sporting activity to be continue flourishing in VIMS, college organize a sports meet every year.
*Not only sports activities but get together parties, celebrations are also held here.