DescriptionsPublish DateLast Date
Notice Regarding Quotation Invitation of Binocular Microscope24/06/2022
Notice regarding Invitation of quotation for refiling of fire extinguisher cylinder18/06/2022
Notice Regarding Invitation of Quotation for Microscope11/06/2022
Notice Regarding Quotation of Medical Education Unit Equipment10/06/2022
Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for Selection of Agency for Providing Paramedical and Non-technical Manpower on outsourcing basis06/06/2022
Notice Regarding Invitation of Quotation for MEU Department31/05/2022
Notice Regarding Invitation of Quotation for Purchase a Refrigerator31/05/2022
Important Notice of Tender Cancellation21/05/2022
Important Notice regarding Modular Laundry Tender22/04/2022
Tender Notice for disposal of fresh frozen plasma17/12/2021
Tender Inviting Notice for Running of Modular Laundry & Providing Services with consumables in Outsourcing Basis.29/11/2021
Notice Regarding opening the tender of MEP21/09/2021
Important Notice Regarding Tender Notice Inviting for Rate Contract & Procurement of Laboratory Items Amendment14/09/2021
Tender Inviting Notice for Rate Contract & Procurement of Laboratory items ( Reagent, Chemical, Rapid Diagnostic kit & consumables)06/09/2021
Notice regarding Invitation of MEP Tender29/08/202118/09/2021
Notice regarding cancellation of MEP tender31/07/2021
Notice regarding MEP tender29/07/2021
Notice Regarding Opening VRDL Tender,09/07/2020
Notice Regarding Opening the Book Tender03/07/202006/07/2020
Notice Regarding VRDL Tender June 2020
Letter regarding VRDL Tender
Notice regarding Departmental Book Tender
Letter to Vendors regarding cancellation of Book Tender
Notice for Cancelation of Security Gard Tender05/02/2020
Tender Notice of Security Guard09/01/2020
Tender Notice for Hire 4 wheeler commercial Vehicle for website upload07/01/202030/01/2020
Inviting Quotation for Pathological & Surgical Consumables11/11/201916/11/2019
Tender Notice for Hire Commercial Vehicle VIMS Hospital, Pawapuri02/07/2019
Blacklist Agency08/06/2019
Correction in Letter no. 1246 dated 2.12.2018 (Saf-Safai Tender)04/01/2019
Tender of Contract for Providing Patient Diet and Running the Canteen Services6/12/201812/12/2018
Opening of Financial Bid of Saaf Safai Tender
Tender of contract for providing patient diet and running the canteen service VIMS09/10/2018
Instruction for Cleaning Tender06/10/2018
Tender Notice Saaf Safai29/09/2018
Notice for Opening of the Book Tender
Notice for MEP Tender23/08/201828/08/2018
Quotation for CSSD Section Operate Outsourcing Basis 20/08/201827/08/2018
Notice for Book Tender 2018-1920/08/2018
Tender Notice for MEP28/07/2018
Notice for Book Tender28/07/201803/08/2018
Book Tender Notice 2018-1908/07/201828/07/2018
Quotation Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment list02/07/2018
Saf-Safai Tender Cancellation Notice02-07-2018
Tender document_Cleaning02-07-2018
Mark list of GNM Walk-in-Interview held on 14.10.2017,16.10.2017 & 17.10.2017 for Objection Compliance13/06/2018
GNM Walk-in-Interview Candidate13/06/2018
Saf Safai Nivida10.06.201830.06.2018
Quotation inviting notice 600 mA X-ray machine 07/06/2018
Quotation Inviting Notice for Fully Automated Analyzer 06/06/2018
Tender of Contract for Providing Patient Diet and Running the Canteen Services28/05/201806/06/2018
Saf Safai Tender Notice26/05/2018
Tender for MICROBIOLOGY03/05/201823/05/2018
Tender Notice Inviting for Patient Diet & Running the Canteen at VIMS pawapuri30/04/201828/05/2018
निविदा सुचना - पि oएसoऍम ,फार्माकोलॉजी,माइक्रोबायोलॉजी06/04/201830/04/2018
Tender Notice for Rate Contract & Procurement of Generic Drugs
Tender Notice
Tender Notice for Surgical Consumable
Tender for books
Tender for Laundry Services on outsourcing Basis
Quotation Notice for 14 Seater Vehicles23.03.2018
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किताब की निविदा बुधवार १५ को ११.०० बजे को खोली जाएगी
Tender Notice for Surgical Consumable